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06 June

My Neighbor Has Termites. Does That Mean I Have Termites Too?

It can be scary finding out your neighbor has termites. Termites are responsible for billions of dollars in property damage every single year in the United States. That is more damage than fires, storms, and earthquakes combined. If you're looking to protect your equity, this is definitely a question you should have the answer too. [...]

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13 February

What We Can Learn About Termites From The Super Bowl

You may be wondering how anyone can possibly draw a comparison between the Super Bowl and termites. But I believe there is an allegory here that will leave a permanent impression on you. Not just regarding termites, but anything adversary that threatens your home or your family. Read on.The average salary of an NFL player [...]

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04 October

How Can I Protect My House From Termites?

Subterranean termites feed on wood materials and require high moisture levels to survive. Eliminating food and moisture sources from around your home, particularly the foundation, can help protect your home from termite attack.    Repair structural or plumbing leaks to eliminate moisture along foundation walls or in wall voids.    Keep crawl spaces well ventilated; install vapor [...]

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13 July

Termites – The Hidden Danger In New Jersey

Termites are most noticeable in the springtime as they will swarm on a warm sunny day that usually follows a rainy period. Now that the spring months are behind us; it will be more difficult to locate termite infestations.  After swarming, termites will shed their wings, find a mate, and head underground where they will [...]

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