Termites are most noticeable in the springtime as they will swarm on a warm sunny day that usually follows a rainy period. Now that the spring months are behind us; it will be more difficult to locate termite infestations.  After swarming, termites will shed their wings, find a mate, and head underground where they will likely remain for the duration of their lifetime.  Once underground, they devour wood debris, and sometimes even live trees, and build their nests and feeding galleries.  When this happens in the woods, it is not something to be concerned about.  When it happens next to your home, you should definitely be concerned.  Termites can easily penetrate a building and set up house without a homeowner or business even knowing they are there.


Termites are cryptic creatures and infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Termite feeding and damage can even progress undetected in wood that is exposed because the outer surface is often left intact.  Usually, by the time they are discovered, considerable interior damage to the structure has already occurred.  Unlike carpenter ants, termites do eat the wood that they encounter.

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