Need help identifying your pest problem?

If you’re still not sure what just crawled across your floor or want the opinion of a professional, ChemTec is here to help. Simply complete the form below and we’ll respond shortly!  Don’t forget to upload a picture if you were able to snap one!

At ChemTec Pest Control we believe that being the best exterminators in New Jersey isn’t just about offering quality pest control services to New Jersey residents. It’s also about making sure the public is well informed about pest infestations and the dangers they create.

This is why we’ve created our pest ID library. Each entry contains useful facts that can:

  • Help you identify a particular pest
  • Help you identify whether or not you have an infestation
  • Teach you useful pest control methods that can help prevent infestations on your property.

Our pest library contains virtually every kind of pest that can endanger New Jersey homes. Whether you need help against termites, bed bugs, spiders, or rodents, our library entries will help you be better prepared against these  invaders and will help you answer the questions, “What bug is this?” or “Is this a mouse or a rat?”

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