We’ve tried to answer our most frequently asked pest control questions from our New Jersey clients to assist you as you determine if our services are a good match for your needs. If you can’t find your pest control question on our list, please call us today to speak to one of our experts. We’d love to answer any remaining questions!

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Commonly Asked New Jersey Pest Control Questions

Do I need to leave my home for my pest control treatment?

In most cases you do not need to leave your home for treatment. However, in some cases, the pest control technician may ask you to leave the room while he is treating for your pest. Additionally, the pest control technician may ask that pets, infants, or any children be removed from the room for their safety. The technician will inform you of any particular post-treatment instructions or restrictions.

Are the chemicals you use safe for pets and children?

Pesticides are an essential part of our business and yes, they have a risk factor. All of our pest control technicians are highly trained and state certified. They also follow the label application instruction exactly and precisely for a safe application. All materials are applied carefully to minimize any health risks for your family and pets. Please feel free to speak with your ChemTec Pest Control professional regarding any materials used in your treatment, or if you want to learn more about our natural and organic pest control sprays.

Why do you ask for payment by credit card?

There are two reasons you will be asked to pay for your pest control service by credit card. First, we are a “green” office. We try in all ways to minimize the use of paper for interoffice correspondence and correspondence with our clients. Second, with today’s economic situation, by paying for your service with your credit card, you help us keep our overhead low keeping our prices low. In addition, credit card payments give you added protection on your payment.

What is the purpose of the little cardboard triangles that my pest control technician has left lying around?

Our pest control technicians put out these special cardboard triangles to monitor mouse and insect activity between visits. Pests leave us clues and these triangles allow your technician to know what pests are active and where to focus their efforts.

I am interested in natural pest control service, what pests do you treat this way?

Most insects and rodents can be controlled using natural or organic pest control methods. Rodents can be controlled with traps and exclusion methods, whereas insects can be controlled using various botanical oils and materials. Although natural pest control treatments may take longer to resolve your specific pest situation, some of our customers feel more comfortable with this treatment option.

I see that your firm has received the QualityPro certification or rating. What is that?

We are proud of our QualityPro Certification. As a QualityPro company we are committed to providing the highest quality pest control service through certification from the National Pest Management Association. Not only do we employ highly trained, credentialed pest control technicians, but each technician has had a check on prior employee references, their driving history, and a criminal background screening performed. Find out more regarding why you can trust our QualityPro certified technicians in your home.

I am being treated for bed bugs; what preparations must I do in advance of the bed bug extermination appointment?

It is important that you have your home ready before your bed bug extermination treatment. You can prepare by doing the following before our technicians arrive: 

  • Remove clothes or clutter from floor
  • Vacuum floor is carpeted
  • Strip bed of all bedding, including the mattress pad and bed skirt if applicable
  • Launder bedding in hot water and dry on the cotton high-heat setting
  • Do not return bedding to room until after after treatment medicine has been applied and dried

I have a pest problem, but I’m not sure what pest I have. How do I know what it is to get rid of it?

If you are unsure of what exact pest(s) you may have, don’t worry! That’s our job! We have an entomologist on staff for difficult cases, but all of our pest control technicians have received intensive training on the identification of pests

I am having trouble with one pest, why should I consider your quarterly PestGuard Home Protection plan?

Currently you are experiencing a problem with one pest, but chances are you have unwanted pest visitors throughout the year. Our PestGuard Home Protection Plan affords cost effective peace of mind for ALL pests you may have throughout the year. On a quarterly basis, we inspect and treat pests that may invade your home. Find out more about what is specifically covered and treated in our quarterly home pest control plan.

What should I do if I have a pest problem in between PestGuard Home Protection Plan visits?

If you have purchased our PestGuard Home Protection Plan, solving your problem is as easy as picking up the phone to schedule an in-between service call to get rid of any pests fast. Your service will be free as you are covered for any incidental in-between service call visits when you have this residential pest control program in place.

I don’t want an inside PestGuard Home Protection quarterly service. Do I have an option?

Absolutely! Some customers prefer the convenience of not needing to be at home for our visits throughout the year. Some customers prefer that any material applications be made outside only. We do recommend a rodent inspection during the winter months, which can be scheduled at your convenience.

I’m pregnant or my child has a condition, can you still do a treatment for me?

Yes, we can still provide pest control services for you and your family. Our pest control technician may ask you or your child to leave the room during treatment for health considerations, but all of our pest control technicians are trained in the proper and safe use of pesticides for your protection.

I have mice; when you come to exterminate them will you be closing up any openings caused by rodent activity?

Yes we will. We will caulk or use a wire mesh product as we see fit based on the openings to seal up entry points as we find them. However, we may suggest that very large holes be repaired by your handyman.

Why do you inspect for termites in the winter?  It’s too cold for termites, they’re not out now?

Actually, winter is the best time to inspect for termites for two reasons: One– we are less busy and so our pest control technicians have more time to carefully inspect your home inside and out for termite damage, tunnels and hidden evidence. Two– even in the winter termites are still chewing, causing damage to your home. Don’t wait until termites swarm in the spring to find out you have a problem that can be treated now.

I don’t have termites but I would like some sort of termite protection; do you offer that?

Yes, we have several ways that we can protect your home from termites. Please call our office so that we can send our inspector out to discuss which option will work best for you for preventative termite protection.

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