Lady Bug Identification

Ladybugs are a type of occasional invader that enters into homes to overwinter. In the late fall they will gather in large numbers on the sunny side of homes and will enter through cracks in the exterior walls and foundation and through gaps found around windows and doors.  Once inside they will overwinter behind walls, in attics, and in crawl spaces until the weather warms in the spring.

Ladybugs are brightly colored and are most often red, orange, or yellow with distinctive black marks or spots on their bodies.  Lady beetles have an oval-dome shaped body (think half of a pea), short antennae, and their head can tuck partly or completely underneath their neck line.

Dangers Associated With Lady Bugs

Lady bugs are not a threat to people, structures or our pets. These pests are merely a nuisance as they invade homes during the cooler fall months.

Lady Bug Prevention

Preventing ladybugs from using your home as their winter retreat can be done by fixing the areas that may allow them inside of it.  Ladybug prevention tips from the pros at ChemTec include:

  • Make sure that any chimneys have a tight fitting cap on them and that roof shingles are securely intact.
  • Caulk gaps found around exterior windows and doors.
  • Seal any spaces found around utility lines and pipes that are entering your home.
  • Seal any cracks and/or crevices found in your foundation.
  • Trim back trees, bushes, and other landscaping from the outside of your house.
  • Place garden areas away from your home.

Lady Bug Treatment

Ladybugs are considered to be nuisance pests, but even though they don’t pose a danger to you or your property they are still a pain to have in large numbers crawling throughout your home.  The best way to get rid of ladybugs is with the help of a professional like ChemTec Pest Control.

The experts at ChemTec can identify how ladybugs are entering your home, quickly get rid of your current infestation, and then provide control services to prevent future problems with them and other common household pests.

At ChemTec Pest Control we can safely eliminate ladybugs from your home through our home pest control programs which include natural and organic solutions.  For more information about how we can get rid of the ladybugs in your home contact us today!

Lady bugs are a gardeners best friend. A lady bugs diet consists mainly of eating aphids and other plant-eating insects.

Nuisance Pest

Structure Invading

Lady bugs are a problem in the fall when they come indoors in search of a place to overwinter, and in the spring when they come out of their overwintering spot.

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