Doing household tasks like laundry can be a chore. Finding creepy crawlies in the laundry room can make that chore almost unbearable. Silverfish, with their shiny, scaly bodies, three sets of legs, two antennae in front, and three rear appendages, are some of the creepiest and crawliest. Let ChemTec Pest Control be your go-to silverfish control agent.

The Hazards of Silverfish

Silverfish are not a hazard to human health, but they can be destructive. They are drawn to starchy food sources like cereals and flour, but may also ruin clothing by eating cotton and linen, and will eat sources of paper like stored documents.

Signs You Need Silverfish Removal Services

Silverfish thrive in moist, humid areas, so look for them in places like laundry rooms, basements, crawlspaces, attics, and even bathrooms if they are cluttered and not properly ventilated. Other signs that you need silverfish control services include:

  • Evidence of molted skin
  • Irregular holes in paper and cloth

Silverfish Control Measures

To ensure that you get the most complete silverfish control possible, contact your local pest control service like ChemTec Pest Control. They will do a full evaluation and suggest control measures such as:

  • Reduce access to food sources (sealed containers)
  • Reduce access to water sources (pick up pet bowls at night, tighten plumbing to reduce leaks)
  • Seal crevices
  • Use dehumidifiers and make sure they are emptied when full
  • Install proper ventilation
  • Shed water away from the house (gutters and downspouts, clear clutter/lawn clippings/landscaping against house)
  • Purge stored paper and textiles

Contact ChemTec

For all of your pest control needs in the New Jersey area, ChemTec Pest Control is here to help. Contact us today to set up an appointment for an evaluation and possible services.

Silverfish have a scale-like appearance with their shimmering exterior, as well as the way that they move is ‘fish-like’. They come indoors in search of food and a moist dark place to live.

Damages Fibers

Nuisance Pest

Structure Invading

Silverfish are a year round pest concern.

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