Pigeons Are The #1 Urban Pest Bird

But they’re not the only birds causing problems in and around New Jersey homes and businesses.   Find out how ChemTec’s professional bird control specialists can help you deter pest birds that are threatening health and property.

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Pest birds are more than a nuisance;
they are destructive and expose people to potential health threats.

Pigeons not only roost in man-made structures, causing millions of dollars in damages each year, they produce an average 26 pounds of waste that corrodes stone, metal and masonry. Their droppings are a breeding ground for bacteria, fungal agents and parasites. When breathed in by humans, fungal spores from bird droppings can cause Histoplasmosis, an acute respiratory disease that can be fatal.   Sparrows and woodpeckers in New Jersey also fall into the pest bird category with the former nesting in gutters, causing clogs and water damage while the latter drills into siding and soffits with their powerful beaks. If you’re home or business is being encroached upon by pigeons or other pest birds, the New Jersey bird removal pros at ChemTec stand ready to help you resolve your bird infestation and to prevent one in the future.

Pest bird control tailored for your NJ property

Because bird control in a commercial facility looks a lot different than bird control for a home, our team will customize a solution based on a study of the surroundings, and the offending birds’ habits. We’ll also retrace their steps, decipher their needs and determine why they are present in or around your home or business. Based upon those factors, we’ll create a treatment plan that will likely include bird trapping and exclusion services. Of course, if it’s a nesting situation, we’ll need to wait for the babies to leave to seal of access points.

Serving Bergen and Passaic counties as well as many other New Jersey cities and towns, ChemTec Pest Control delivers effective bird control services that will help you preserve your structure and protect your family, employees and customers.

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