Professional Wildlife Control & Removal Solutions

Wildlife that has moved into the urban environment can cause headaches for businesses, property managers and homeowners alike.   Find out how ChemTec Pest Control  gets rid of unwanted critters.

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As our forest areas shrink, many animals are setting up nests and homes in our backyards, landscaping beds and even attics and storage sheds.

Animals in the wild are fascinating and fun to watch, but when they invade your home they bring disease and destruction with them. Animal pests including moles can destroy lawns and gardens. If they take up residence in your home or business, they can cause structural damage, chew wires and create possible hazards, contaminate insulation with feces and urine and introduce parasites and bacteria that pose a serious health risk.

At ChemTec Pest Control we offer animal control services that are designed to rid your home, business, or property of these unwanted animal pests in a humane fashion.  Our animal control programs include:

  • Rodent control for rats, mice and other rodents
  • Bat control programs or actual bat removal from your attic or garage
  • Squirrel removal from your attic using humane trapping and installing exclusion devices
  • Raccoon control programs consisting of trapping and environment changes
  • Groundhog removal from your garden or deck areas using humane trapping
  • Skunk removal from your garden or property using humane trapping
  • Snake removal
  • Bird exclusion and bird deterrents including pigeon control, sparrows that have come indoors and woodpeckers using netting, structure modifications, spike traps and electric tape

When wildlife becomes destructive to your property, call ChemTec

It all starts with a phone call or the completion of our online contact form and a prompt call back to you from one of our pest professionals. We’ll ask you to share with us any information that you have on the problem. For example, you may be seeing holes in your expensive landscaping beds, damage under your deck, hear funny sounds from your attic like scratching and something running around, or you may find your garbage cans turned over and the trash thrown around day after day.

  • Using the cues that you have given us, we will rapidly dispatch one of our animal control experts to your property to:
  • Identify the animal causing the problem
  • Set up traps or put baits in place (depending on the pest or animal)
  • Educate you on habitat modifications
  • And/or create an animal exclusion program

For animal control in NJ, you can trust ChemTec Pest Control

We can typically offer same day, fast and responsive animal control service to your call with our 15 vehicle service fleet covering Bergen County, NJ and Passaic County, NJ as well as several other counties and communities.  Contact us today to get rid of squirrels, skunks, moles and other nuisance and damaging animals.

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Satisfaction Promise For Bed Bug Extermination Process in New Jersey

At ChemTec Pest Control, we operate under a singular ideal: If our customers aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied either.

If you still have a problem with a pest after we have conducted our pest control treatment, just call us and we will conduct another treatment for that pest for no charge as long as it’s within the warranty period. If after warranty retreatment you are still not satisfied, we will return your money.

We mean business when we say we guarantee your satisfaction, but of course from a QualityPro Certified pest control business, you would expect no less.

Be sure to ask about our unlimited service options! They guarantee results protecting you and controlling 60+ pests with guaranteed results.