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Bat Control

Professional Bat Removal And Control Solutions From The Experts At ChemTec

Keep bats out of your house
and away from your family

If you’ve encountered a bat in the house, have discovered bat droppings or identified other signs of a bat infestation, ChemTec Pest Control can help. Our bat control professionals are ready to help you eliminate bats and to stop them from coming back.

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bat in a new jersey home

Are bats really a threat?

Prodigious insect eaters, little brown bats and big brown bats are often seen feeding on insects attracted to outdoor lights. Tree dwellers in the wild, bats can squeeze through small openings and often roost in attics, crawl spaces and wall voids as well as patio beams and over doorways.  Bats, while considered beneficial in their natural environment, are a potential threat to health and property when they move inside.  Known to transmit rabies through a bite or scratch, bat droppings can also be dangerous.  Dried guano releases fungal spores into the air, which can cause Histoplasmosis, a potentially fatal respiratory disease in humans. 


Effective NJ bat control for homes & businesses

If bats are a problem for you, contact the New Jersey bat removal specialists at ChemTec Pest Control.  Available for both homes and businesses, our effective bat control services* are designed to stop these pests from roosting in structures and from destroying property.  We accomplish this by excluding bats from your structure and sealing cracks and other potential access points.  When you contact us, we'll assess your situation and develop a bat removal strategy that gets results.  

*NJ law prohibits treatment for bats from May 1st to July 31st .



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