PestGuard Home Protection Plan

ChemTec Pest Control focuses on providing homeowners with prompt service and continue to be the most responsive customer-focused pest control provider in New Jersey.  From carpenter ants to mice, you can trust our home pest control experts to  keep your home pest free all year long.

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Prevent squirrels and other pests from accessing your home's roofline by trimming back trees to eliminate natural "bridges" and remember to keep gutters clear of leaves, acorns and other debris.


Prevent raccoons from making your attic their home by keeping it organized and free of clutter.  Remember to inspect the attic often for signs of pest activity; attics are not often accessed by homeowners, making them the perfect, secluded spot for a raccoons to raise a family.


Around windows and in the dark corners of covered porches are the perfect place for spiders to spin their webs so any crack, crevice or torn screen is an open door for them to wander right in. 


Termites will build mud tubes along the foundation in order to travel from the ground to the wood structures of your home. Inspect the foundation often for signs of termites and seal any cracks and crevices. This will help prevent other pests from entering as well.


Prevent ants from entering straight through the front door by installing door sweeps. Ants, spiders and other pests will use any opening they find around your home especially if food, water and warmth are readily accessible.

As The Seasons Change So Do The Pests

When you choose the PestGuard Home Protection Plan, a residential pest control service designed specifically for New Jersey homes, we’ll protect your home from ants, rodents and a wide variety of pests that often invade homes in our region.  For one low price, you receive quarterly maintenance visits and additional visit in-between, if needed, to protect you, your family and home home from a myriad of insects and rodents both inside and out.   For environmentally responsible services that protect night and day, simply click the Get Started Now button below!

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What You Can Expect

  • Careful Inspection Services
    Regular and thorough inspections to identify possible pest control problems.  If any issues are identified, our team will provide a effective solution.
  • Preventative Measures
    We’ll apply a protective barrier around the outside perimeter of your home to reduce the possibility of various pests gaining entry.
  • Management Reports
    We’ll provide pest management inspection reports that point out issues around your home and educate you on how to prevent infestations.
  • Money Back Guarantee
    Your annual fee will be refunded if, at any time during the year, you are not completely satisfied with your services.
  • Free Emergency Response
    If you have a problem or an urgent pest need we promise service by the end of the next business day at no charge.

What Pests Are Covered By The PestGuard Home Protection Plan?

That’s simple; any pest you have in your initial contract is covered for treatment and prevention.  Pavement ants, fleas, ticks (indoors), spiders, centipedes and millipedes, silverfish, mice, roaches, earwigs, stinging insects, rats, clover mites, spider mites, house crickets and beetles as well as firebrats, pillbugs and carpenter bees are all included under this residential pest control program.  For an additional charge, you can add control for termites, carpenter ants or bed bugs.

What Does ChemTec Do Each Quarter For My Annual Fee?

Your spring, summer and fall treatments are made to the exterior of your home and winter treatment is completed on the interior.

Spring – Emerging Pest Prevention

Designed to prevent emerging spring pests from gaining entry to your home, our extensive exterior inspection and treatment program is focused on anticipating and preventing pest problems before they happen.

Service includes a 30 point inspection; thorough exterior treatment of your home; carpenter ant treatment (if purchased); inspection for stinging insect hives and hiding places, with hive removal; identification of pest entry points; removing or reporting of pest entry points; mosquito breeding ground inspection; full service of pest problems; as well as a written inspection report and conference with you on our pest issue findings.

Summer – Pest Management

This service is focused on managing and eliminating pest populations that have become established around your home. Our inspections and treatments will manage the growing population of pests and keep them from invading your home.

Service includes the management and inspection of mosquito breeding grounds; exterior baiting for ants; inspection of moisture areas that create pest problems; inspection, identification and treatment of areas conducive to pest entry into your home; exterior inspection for stinging insects and hives; comprehensive inspection of the property focused on pest control and pest activity prevention; inspection of wood piles, swimming pools and landscaping that may promote pest activity; as well as a written inspection report and conference with you on our pest issue findings.

Fall – Pest Management

This quarter’s service is focused on preparing your home for colder weather where insects and pests will seek to shelter in the warmth of your home in order to survive. Our focus is on blocking entry points for all pests, keeping your home pest-free for winter.

Service includes an inspection for insects looking to winter in your home; caulking and sealing of visible rodent entry points; inspection of moisture areas that may contribute to pest activity; continued inspection for mosquito breeding areas; bait for ants as appropriate; inspect, identify and treat all exterior areas that may be conducive for pest entry; inspect for stinging insects and hives; comprehensive inspection of the property focused on pest control and pest activity prevention; inspection of wood piles, swimming pools and landscaping that may promote pest activity; as well as a written inspection report and conference with you on our pest issue findings.

Winter – Interior Pest And Rodent Control

This fourth quarter inspection focuses on the interior of your home. In this visit we maintain and fortify your interior rat, mouse and rodent program and inspect for termites. We analyze and discuss your pest management needs to ensure that our proactive solutions are tailored to your personal needs and situation.

Service includes a visit with you the homeowner to discuss your individual treatment needs as they relate to your pest management program; detailed inspection of your home’s interior for evidence of rodent activity; evaluation of food storage practices to reduce pantry infestation problems; inspection, identification and treatment of interior areas conducive to pest entry; inspection of garage, laundry room, kitchen and pantry; inspection of the basement and crawlspace if accessible; inspection for rodent entry points; removal of visible spider webs in the basement; treatment of the basement; as well as a written inspection report and conference with you on our pest issue findings.

Some customers do not wish for pesticide materials to be applied inside their home in this fourth yearly visit. It is fine if you do not want materials applied inside your home for the winter visit, but the fourth quarter visit is about much more than treating your home. You will still benefit from our interior inspection service for pests including mice and rats. We think that you will find the inspection and recommendation valuable even if you opt not to have treatment materials used inside your home in this fourth visit.

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Satisfaction Promise!

At ChemTec Pest Control, we operate under a singular ideal: If our customers aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied either.

If you still have a problem with a pest after we have conducted our pest control treatment, just call us and we will come conduct another treatment for that pest for no charge as long as it’s within the warranty period. If after a warranty retreatment you are still not satisfied, we will return your money.

We mean business when we say we guarantee your satisfaction, but of course from a QualityPro Certified pest control business, you would expect no less.

Be sure to ask about our unlimited service options protecting you and controlling 60+ pests with guaranteed results.