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GreenTec Lawn Care Services

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Professional Lawn Care Solutions

Our local lawn care experts provide residential lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, insect control, shrub care, and more. 

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A unique lawn nutrition system

The newest method for providing lawns with all the nutrients they need to be as beautiful as they can be, it is packed with 90 trace minerals, carbon with new technology, humic acid and much more.  It uses 27% immediate and 73% slow release nitrogen ensuring a healthy green lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy. 


Select the lawn program that suits your needs 

 Choose from our All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program or our Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program that includes weed and insect control.  If you’re looking for eco-friendly, kid-friendly, and pet-friendly lawn care services, you’ll find that with ChemTec’s turf programs.   Learn more about the lawn care programs below or call us today to find out why we are changing the way we take care of lawns.

All-Green Lawn & Nutrition Program

A totally natural program that does not include weed or insect control, All-Green ensures your lawn is beautifully greened with all natural fertilizer and calcium feedings and can be focused on just your lawn or your or lawn and shrubs.  This program includes seven visits spread out through the season.

Here’s what you can expect:

 Green Plus Lawn & Shrub Nutrition Program

A comprehensive lawn care program that includes weed control and insect control, Green Plus ensures your lawn is green, healthy and free of weeds and bugs that would harm it.  This service is available for just your lawn or for your lawn and shrubs and includes seven visits throughout the season.

Here’s what you can expect:


Additional Lawn Care Services  

In addition to our lawn and turf programs, ChemTec also offers:

Poison Ivy Control – A foliar application spray to control the dangers of poison ivy.

Landscape Feedings – All natural fertilizer applied to make your flowers and shrubs pop throughout the entire season.

Weed Control – Included in the programs above, our weed control provides a liquid treatment that is designed to control disrupting weeds.

Mosquito & Tick Reduction – A full season, five-service program that reduces nuisance mosquitoes and ticks.

 Turf Insect Control – Spot treatment to control turf insects that may damage your lawn.

 Grub Control – A one-time liquid application that is included in the Green Plus program, this is designed to reduce damaging grubs from your lawn. 

 Core Aeration & Overseeding – An add on service with is completed in the fall, this process removes small plugs of soil to introduce oxygen to the soil and allow nutrients to move to the roots.  Grass seed is broadcast over entire lawn to promote new growth. 


Lawn Care FAQ

 Can the family and pets use the yard after treatment?

Absolutely! Once our material has dried (typically 15 minutes) your lawn will be barefoot (and paw) ready.

Do I have to be home for service?

As long as your Technician has access to your yard, there is no need for you to be home. Your Technician will first walk your property noting any problems or suggestions. If you have chosen the Green Plus service, the Tech will treat for weeds and any insect issues.

What can I expect from an all-natural fertilizer?

Our turf nutrition system is designed to give your turf, flowers, plants and shrubs all of the nutrients they need to flourish. Just as critical, we provide your plants with the proper minerals needed to increase their ability to accept and use these nutrients, making everything available to them when they need it.

Why do you apply calcium first?

We apply 10 percent liquid calcium because it allows the turf and plants to make the minerals available to them. Without the calcium, most plants do not have the ability to take advantage and use the other critical nutrients it needs. Limestone, which is a standard turf product, is a poor source of sufficient available calcium. Our calcium is 100% available to your plants.

Does the Green Plus Service Program use all natural weed control?

No, this program uses herbicides and insecticides when needed to control insects and weeds. We will use a minimum of herbicides and insecticides. We will not treat the property in a blanket type treatment. Instead we take the time to use precise spot treatments when needed to minimize the usage of materials and still obtain the results you want.

Can my weeds be controlled if I use the All-Green Service Program?

No. Since we feel that there is no natural products available that will give good results for weed control, we do not offer it in the All-Green program. However, our program is designed to fight weeds by giving your plants what is necessary to develop deep root systems, healthier and fuller turf and plants, thicker blooms, better stress resistance, and a quick green up.


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