Millipede Identification

Millipedes generally live outdoors under mulch, logs, landscaping ties, and in other dark moist areas. In the fall millipedes migrate and may accidentally infest your home during this process. They may also move into your home if the weather outside doesn’t suit their needs- millipedes do not appreciate heavy rains and overly wet and saturated soil. Inside your home they can often be found in high humidity areas like the basement and in bathrooms.

A millipede’s appearance will depend on their species but they are most often black or brown with or without mottled patterns; some species may even be red or orange. Their body is worm-like in shape with somewhere between 30 and 90 legs; but not a thousand legs like their name suggests – although some species can have hundreds of legs. Most adults range in length from 1/16th to 4 ½ inches in length.

Dangers Associated With Millipedes

Millipedes are not dangerous; they do not bite or sting. They will, however, become a nuisance indoors, and some species can emit a foul-smelling liquid that may cause small blisters on people and can even be toxic to some small pets. If these insects are becoming a problem in your home, you will want to hire a professional that does millipede control.

Millipede Prevention

Preventing millipedes from infesting your New Jersey house can be done by fixing the areas around your property that may be attracting them such as leave and debris piles.

Reduce areas of moisture around your home by making sure that gutters are working properly; keep your lawn trimmed short to prevent moisture from collecting; and remove piles of leaves, grass, and other organic debris from your property.

Make sure to seal any gaps or cracks in your home’s foundation, and caulk any gaps found around basement windows and doors. It is also important to reduce humidity levels in your home by using dehumidifiers or air-conditioners.

Millipede Pest Control & Treatment

At ChemTec Pest Control our professionals can find all the areas in your house where millipedes are living and hiding, remove them, and then provide you with year-round safe and natural home pest control services to prevent future problems with millipedes and other common household pests.

For information on how our millipede control and removal services work, contact us today!

Millipedes do look similar to a large earthworm, except that they have between 30 and 90 legs. Millipedes like dark and damp places to reside.

Nuisance Pest

Millipedes are a year round pest concern in New Jersey.

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