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Squirrel Control

Professional Squirrel Removal In NJ

New Jersey homeowners are often at odds with squirrels that have taken up residence in the attic. 

 If this is happening in your home and you’re worried about squirrel damage to the structure, electric wires and your belongings, ChemTec Pest Control is ready to help you get rid of squirrels.   

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Solving squirrel problems is not a simple task.

 Here at ChemTec, we realize that every squirrel problem we are dispatched to requires its own unique solution. Squirrels may have found easy access to the attic through an open soffit, possibly they chewed through rotted wood to gain entry or maybe they're just robbing your bird feeders and pilfering from your garden.    Regardless of how they got in or what they're doing on your property, our animal control specialists will be able to help you evict these unwanted critters.


But it's one that ChemTec Pest does well.  

 In order to get rid of squirrels, we’ll take a look at the clues these pests leave behind.  We’ll also rely on your observations and our knowledge of the squirrels in region to design and implement a squirrel control plan that leaves your home or business squirrel free.  In most situations, our squirrel control methods include trapping and exclusion.  We’ll remove them from the structure then seal the house to prevent future squirrel activity. 

 Squirrels are more than acorn hoarders; they are destructive animals that will take advantage of any opening on your building’s exterior.  And because a mother squirrel may become aggressive if her babies are threatened, it is never a good idea to try to remove them on your own.   If you’re dealing with squirrels, contact the professionals at ChemTec.  For squirrel removal in Bergen and Passaic Counties ore elsewhere in our service area, simply click here to schedule your inspection.  Or, if you’re not quite sure about this services, fill out our contact form and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


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