The “Dog Days of Summer” is a period of time in which a geographical area experiences the hottest and muggiest part of the summer. With the dog days of summer upon us here in New Jersey, it seemed like a good idea to focus this blog post on dogs (and cats) and how to protect them from harmful pests.

Pet ownership is not for everyone. With it comes the responsibility of the pet’s safety and care. Summer can be a rough season for pets. Not only do you need to take care that they are getting plenty of fluids, that they’re not outside too long on extremely hot days and that they’re NEVER left in a car on a hot day, you must also be aware of pests that may threaten their health.

As soon as summer hits New Jersey, there is an abundance of bugs hanging around. Some are quite harmless to our pets and us but there are some that pet owners need to be aware of.

We’re talking about fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. These pests not only bite your pets and cause discomfort, they also may be carriers of harmful diseases.

Fleas may cause skin irritations, allergic reactions and exposure to tapeworms. In order to protect your outdoor pets from these biting pests, we recommend speaking with your vet about a flea treatment that will offer protection all summer long and possibly all year long. If your pet never goes outside, we still recommend speaking to with your veterinarian. Even homes without pets can become infested with fleas because these pests jump right through the front door.

Ticks are another enemy to New Jersey pets. It’s no secret that these pests are capable of spreading a myriad of diseases. You can’t say Lyme disease without automatically thinking about tick bites. Unfortunately ticks also spread Lyme to dogs. There is a vaccination available for them though. Again speak with your vet about preventative measures.

The last pest of discussion that can cause potential danger to your pets is the mosquito. While there are rare cases of dogs being susceptible to diseases such as West Nile Virus, the most threatening condition from mosquitoes is heartworm. Heartworm may be life-threatening to your pet and should be treated.

Here at ChemTec Pest Control, our job is to protect New Jersey families, including the four-legged members. We are here to help you protect your pets this summer with pest control solutions geared towards the insects we just discussed. In addition to our home pest control programs (which targets fleas), we offer mosquito and tick abatement services that treat mosquito breeding sites, eliminate adult bugs and ultimately provide you with a pest-free property.

Protect you pets this summer with help from the New Jersey pest control pros at ChemTec; contact us today!