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Blog Posts in the Category: "New Jersey Insects"

16 August

Insect Pests Targeting New Jersey Homes for Invasion

Stink bugs aren’t the only fall pests that seek winter harborage inside northern New Jersey homes . NJ pest control services warn that a number of insects native to New Jersey are perennial fall invaders. These insects creep into NJ homes in the fall looking for a safe, warm place to spend the cold winter [...]

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13 August

How to Get Rid of New Jersey Stink Bugs

Stink bug populations have reached record numbers in northern New Jersey. Hundreds of brown marmorated stink bugs are being captured in counting traps monitored by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Where a single night’s capture might have resulted in 30 stink bugs last year, NJ entomologists are finding 200 to 400 of the crop-eating [...]

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11 August

Stink Bugs Overrun Northern New Jersey

The warm, wet spring and hot summer months have created ideal conditions for the explosion of New Jersey insect populations. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, pill bugs, centipedes, bees, beetles, flies, wasps – everywhere you look insects are crawling, creeping or flying. NJ pest control experts are calling 2011 a record bug summer. The latest insect that [...]

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