Stink bugs aren’t the only fall pests that seek winter harborage inside northern New Jersey homes . NJ pest control services warn that a number of insects native to New Jersey are perennial fall invaders. These insects creep into NJ homes in the fall looking for a safe, warm place to spend the cold winter months. They emerge again in spring, returning to the outdoors to feed and breed.

Beginning in September, home owners may notice insects collecting on warm south and west-facing exterior walls. Thousands of Asian lady beetles, also known as lady bugs, or stink bugs may cover large swathes of sun-soaked siding. Covered with writhing masses of lady bugs or boxelder bugs, tree branches and garden plants may seem to be alive as invading hordes of insects gather. Invasive pests can be so numerous that they completely cover doors and windows. Every fall there are reports of “drifts” and “puddles” of these insects accumulating on New Jersey patios and inside the entryways of New Jersey homes.

The primary fall invaders in New Jersey are Asian lady beetles, stink bugs, boxelder bugs and cluster flies. Keeping these insects from gaining entrance to your home is impossible. Many insects are either tiny or flat enough to slip under doorways and through the most minute openings. If fall invading pests have targeted your home, they will fly indoors every time the door is opened.

Caulking and sealing possible entry points can help reduce the number of pests that enter your home, but will not keep your home pest-free. Insects can gain entrance to wall voids by entering through attic vents. They can then creep into your house through wall outlets, ceiling fixtures and baseboards. Exterior preventive treatment by pest control services NJ is the only effective way to keep invading fall pests from overwintering in your home.