Spring is a wonderful time filled with laughter and joy, a time made for throwing frisbees and hosting backyard barbecue parties. The snows of winters have all but faded away and smiles can be seen on the face of every boy and girl. Almost everyone is thankful for spring if only just for the warmer weather and absence of snow. But don’t be fooled, spring is filled with hidden miseries. Allergies spring up, mud is plentiful, and pests invade homes looking for food and shelter. Termite swarmers, if allowed to enter your home, can do considerable damage over the course of a few years. Here are some exclusion tips that will help you this spring.

Moisture: Termites need moisture to survive. Look for any buildup of moisture in and around your home. Leaky pipes, broken air conditioning units and dripping spigots can be key sources of moisture. Remove any piles of heavy brush or vegetation. These are hot spots for moisture buildup. If you have excess humidity in your basement use a humidifier to take care of it.

Mulch and Soil: Termites build homes in soil and find food in mulch. Keep these gardening materials at least 24 inches away from your foundation.

Dead Wood: Termites build homes inside dead wood on your property. Whether it is a tree stump or your wood pile out back, termites find food and shelter in the safety of wood. Keep all dead wood at least 20 feet from your home and a few inches off the ground. Do not bury any left over wood building supplies, this will draw termites to your property like a magnet.

Avoid Wood to Ground Contact: Use treated lumber for any building projects outside of your home, especially ones that will be directly touching the dirt, such as patios and porches. Treated lumber doesn’t assure termites won’t eat away at the wood but does act as a decent repellant. If possible, build these structures on concrete supports to keep them off the ground and away from pesky termites.

Proper Air Flow: Proper ventilation can help in keeping attics and internal crawl spaces dry and unappealing to termites.

Spring is a time for joy and smiles. Don’t let spring pests ruin that for you. Though helpful, these tips can’t assure your home’s safety. Contact a local pest expert and have them do a full inspection of your property. Ask them about the Sentricon termite colony elimination system, the same system used to protect our White House. The safer your home is, the more pleasant your spring will be. Call a professional and guard you home against termites starting today.