You may be wondering how anyone can possibly draw a comparison between the Super Bowl and termites. But I believe there is an allegory here that will leave a permanent impression on you. Not just regarding termites, but anything adversary that threatens your home or your family. Read on.

The average salary of an NFL player is $1.9 million, with important players earning over $20 million. And, every team can sign 53 players. To say that there is a lot of money invested in a football team is an understatement.

Owners, coaches and players also invest a tremendous amount of time and energy learning plays until they can execute them like a fine oiled machine. They run drills, they manage their diets, and they push themselves to peak performance. It is a colossal effort to function at this level of excellence for an entire season. It takes everything you can throw at it, and more.

At the start of the Super Bowl the Seattle Seahawks had everything invested. They sat on a series of wins and losses that lead them on their road to the most important game of the year, and they had everything riding on it. With valient determination pushed forward, putting the mighty New England patriots to the test. And, in the final moments, when the payoff for all their efforts was in their grasp, the unimaginable happened. Their almost certain victory turned into defeat. The loss must have been incomprehensible. All those months of battle, all the millions of dollars, all their hopes and dreams, lost in an instant.

Paying off a home or business is an uphill battle that can seem impossible at times. You pay your mortgage every month. You work your fingers to the bone keeping it fixed up. You build your hopes and dreams. For many, it is the largest investment of time and money they will ever make in their entire life. Can you imagine losing it all in the final moments? Can you imagine finding that termites have eaten away at support beams and load bearing walls in such a way that your home is no longer worth the paper your mortgage was written on?

Unlike the Seattle Seahawks, you can protect your investment. You don’t have to bite your nails and wonder if you’ll lose everything you have worked so hard to build. With a termite protection plan, you win every time.