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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "pest control services"

31 January

What Makes the Pest Control Industry so Unique?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the pest control industry are very good, and will continue to get better as the job demand is predicted to grow about 8% over the next ten years. That is good news for the pest control industry and job seekers alike, but what makes [...]

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26 October

Cockroaches With Us Since The Dawn Of Time

It seems cockroaches have been plaguing human beings since the beginning of time. More than 3,000 years ago, The Egyptian Book of the Dead describes a spell which invokes the ram-headed god Khnum to banish vile cockroaches. On ships in the 1600s, some sailors, after discovering that their eyelashes were eaten off during the night by [...]

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06 April

It’s National Pest Management Month, Is Your Home Protected?

Follow these few simple tips to help keep your home pest free all year long!Each year the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) observes the month of April as National Pest Management Month to help raise public awareness of all the threats that pest infestations pose to homeowners across the country. Although many only think of [...]

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22 March

3 Termite Signs Every Property Owner Should Know

A wall damaged by termites could cost you hundreds in repairs!Termites continue to be a major problem for homes, businesses, and properties across the country as well as right here in New Jersey and are responsible for millions of dollars in structural damages each year. If you do not already maintain a termite control service, [...]

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03 November

Seasonal NJ Pest Control Treatment Eliminates Spiders

Decorating your northern New Jersey home with wispy spider webs and creepy spiders is part of the fun on Halloween; but if you’re still seeing spider webs in the corners and spiders crawling down the wall after the holiday is over, it’s time to call a licensed New Jersey pest control company. Spiders are one [...]

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15 June

Crickets – The Song Of Love In New Jersey

I don’t know about everyone else, but I don’t mind hearing the crickets chirping outside.  The love songs bring on peace and serenity when I sit outside my New Jersey home.  The problem comes when they decide to come inside.  The endless singing can drive the sanest person, insane!Crickets are harmless for the most part; [...]

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14 June

Experiencing The Food Chain In New Jersey Part III Of III

Continuing from Wednesday…Like any good woman with a snake in her home, my friend ran screaming from the room with her hands above her head.  Panic set in and she told her husband to not leave the snake.  Soon she was on the phone with ChemTec Pest Control who was sympathetic to their plight.  They [...]

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08 June

Experiencing The Food Chain In New Jersey Part I Of III

This story is comical mostly because it did not happen to me.  My girlfriend in New Jersey has been complaining about the fact that mice had been entering her home.  At first it did not seem too odd as springtime rain usually brought one or two mice inside.  But she soon realized there was a [...]

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