Continuing from Wednesday…

Like any good woman with a snake in her home, my friend ran screaming from the room with her hands above her head.  Panic set in and she told her husband to not leave the snake.  Soon she was on the phone with ChemTec Pest Control who was sympathetic to their plight.  They quickly arrived on the scene.

In a matter of minutes, ChemTec captured the snake and removed it from the house.  After explaining that they had mice entering the house as well, ChemTec did an inspection to help find the opening.  It was discovered that when work was done on their HVAC, a pipe was cut, but not removed from the house.  The piping provided a safe travel zone for the mice to gain entry into the home. The hole is now sealed and hopefully the mice will stay out.

The snake however, might have found another way inside, nobody can be certain.  Perhaps the snake had lived there for awhile, undetected and enjoying the steady stream of mice.  The captured snake was a 4+ foot Black Snake…a.k.a…the rat snake.  They do not typically go inside homes, but it has been known to happen.  These non-venomous snakes follow mice by the pheromones that they leave behind in their travels.  Despite their lack of venom, their bite is very painful to humans and pets alike.

ChemTec Pest Control has experienced pest extermination professionals that will gladly help you get rid of mice in your home.  They service Bergen County, NJ ; Essex County, NJ ; Hudson County, NJ ; Passaic County, NJ ; Morris County NJ ; Union County, NJ ; and Rockland County, NY.  ChemTec also offers snake removal service; but only if the snake is on the inside of your house.  Besides, you want to leave the outside ones alone in hopes that they will catch the mice before they come inside.