The new craze hitting health food stores and gyms everywhere, is a new protein bar made from real, dead crickets. In fact, it is a $20 million a year industry in the United States. You just can’t make this stuff up, folks. I wonder what the product description looks like for this. “We use only the finest crickets, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in the purest spring water–lightly killed–and gently mixed with the choicest oats and raisins.” Does that sound like a recipe for success to you? Well, one of the investors on the popular television show Shark Tank bit into it–to the tune of $50,000. When a company calling itself Chapul brought their idea of yummy gourmet cricket bars to Shark Tank, Mark Cuban was happy to jump on board. And, Mark Cuban isn’t the only one who thinks crickets make a great treat. Recently, a business called Six Foods raised funding on a KickStarter for a product called Chirps, a cricket flour based tortilla chip. I told my kids about Chirps, and to my astonishment, they said they would eat them. Am I the only one who thinks the world has gone mad?

As it turns out, crickets are high in protein and low in carbs. This means they are great for weight lifters who want to build up muscle, but stay lean enough for people to see the six pack they’ve worked so hard to make. They are also wonderful for the millions of people who have adopted the Paleo diet, which has caught fire across America because of its health benefits, easy implementation, and ability to make the pounds fall off your body. According to John Durant, author of The Paleo Manifesto, “Cricket protein hits the trifecta: healthy, sustainable and ethical–and that’s why it’s attracting so many people.” When made into flour, crickets can be used to make gluten-free pasta, cookies, and muffins. They contain more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon. And, unlike chicken and other sources of protein, there is no risk of salmonella.

If you’re looking to stay healthy or gain lean muscle fat, chewing on some crickets is just the thing to get you there. Since that is a reasonably disgusting idea for anyone, now you can get cricket flour or tasty sports bars that come in a variety of flavors, like dark chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, coconut, ginger and lime. You can even sit back and eat a bowl full of Chirps, while you watch the game. Yum!

Having crickets in your home used to be a bad thing. But now, with these amazing new products, having crickets in your home can be a good thing. Though, you might still want to call a pest control company if you get crickets in your wall voids. Not only is it hard to harvest crickets from your walls, it is quite a pain to make your own cricket flour. If you want to get on the cricket eating band wagon, your best bet is to get online and order your cricket based foods from the professionals.