According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the pest control industry are very good, and will continue to get better as the job demand is predicted to grow about 8% over the next ten years. That is good news for the pest control industry and job seekers alike, but what makes the pest control industry unique?

According to ChemTec Pest Control’s President, Mary Vongas, the industry is full of passionate people who are more than happy to share information to help the industry grow and improve. “Anyone can make an impact in our industry,” Vongas stated in the December 2017 issue of Pest Management Professional, where they honored successful women in professional pest management. “A tech in the field can find a new protocol for treating ants that is more effective, and boom, he just made a change in our industry.”

Vongas feels the abundance of independent companies like ChemTec are a big reason why the industry is growing both in size and advancements. “There have been so many overwhelmingly positive changes in our industry,” stated Vongas. “We’ve become so much more sophisticated with evolving materials, changes in methods and very thoughtful processes. Because we are not large corporate entities, we’re able to listen and react to our folks that touch the customer in the field and on the phone and make adjustments faster.”

This creates a win-win situation: it’s a great benefit for ChemTec’s clients, employees and the company as well.

ChemTec is always looking for unique talents and fresh perspectives. If you or someone you know likes to learn, grow and achieve and are looking for a new career, visit the ChemTec careers page for a unique opportunity.