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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "mice carry diseases"

14 April

Why You Should Care – 5 Things You Should Know About Leptospirosis

1.) What is it? Leptospirosis commonly referred to as “Lepto”, is a bacterial infection that has recently affected and killed several dogs in the Northern New Jersey and New York area. Lepto comes from the urine of rodents, like rats and squirrels, and is spread through contact with the mouth, eyes, or an open wound. The [...]

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04 November

Holiday Mice

Many of us have the wrong idea about mice. We see them in holiday cartoons wearing cardigans and French beanies. We see cookies shaped like mice. We see decorations with mice in them. Holiday mice are everywhere. They're on our scarves, they're on our mittens, and they’re embroidered on the oven mitts in the kitchen. [...]

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