Many of us have the wrong idea about mice. We see them in holiday cartoons wearing cardigans and French beanies. We see cookies shaped like mice. We see decorations with mice in them. Holiday mice are everywhere. They’re on our scarves, they’re on our mittens, and they’re embroidered on the oven mitts in the kitchen. If it wasn’t so cute, it would be disturbing.

Look. Let’s get this right out in the open. We think mice are cute too. They have cute little noses and cute little whiskers and their tubby little bellies remind us of all the holiday food we’re going to stuff ourselves with. But we’re here to tell you: The last thing you need is holiday mice crawling around in your home and getting into your pantry.
Fake stuffed mice, ornamental mice, embroidered mice and the myriad of other forms holiday mice come in, are great, but don’t let them cause you to forget the danger real mice can pose inside your home.
According to the CDC, mice are responsible for over 35 diseases worldwide. Those cute little rodents aren’t very cute when they are tainting your food, cutting board, silverware and plates. If you’ve seen a mouse scurrying around in your home, you need to know that it could be carrying harmful diseases in its belly.
Mice are dirty animals that leave their feces and urine wherever they go. In fact, one of the ways you can determine that you have mice in your home is by looking for their droppings in the backs of your drawers, or urine stains on your pantry shelves. That’s what real mice do.
Here is something else real mice do: They come and go from your house as they please. These are not pets. You have to swap the t and the s. When you have a holiday mouse in your home it is called a pest for a reason. A pet mouse isn’t going to crawl around in the neighbor’s garbage and then crawl around on your food shelves. A pet mouse isn’t going to run through a nearby sewer or culvert system and then get into your silverware drawer.
So, if you love holiday mice, we just want you to know that we get it; we love them too. If you like pet mice, we’re here to say that we do too. But it is never okay to have a wild mouse running around your house during the holidays, or any other time of the year for that matter. Have those mice removed by a professional and have your exterior walls sealed to keep any other wild mice from getting the idea that your home is a good place to spend the winter. The holidays are a lot more enjoyable without mouse-related illness. Don’t you think?