mouse-next-to-homeA mouse might not look super threatening with their dark beady eyes, long whiskers, and small furry face and body;  but mice are a big threat to homeowners and need to be eliminated from homes at their first sign.  Are you thinking to yourself “What could a small mouse possibly do to my home and family?” Well, unfortunately, the answer is a lot!
Mice introduce dangerous diseases to you and your family, contaminate food, spread urine and feces throughout your house, introduce other pests like fleas, and ticks (and the diseases that they carry), damage the structure of your home (wires, pipes, insulation, drywall) and destroy personal items.  The best way to stop problems with mice is to make sure that you understand what their warning signs are so that you can get help and get rid of them as quickly as possible.
Mice have very flexible bodies that allow them to enter homes through very small openings; they only need a space the diameter of a pencil to squeeze through.  This means that mice can easily enter your house without you knowing, but once they are in your home they will leave behind some obvious signs of their presence.  The experts at ChemTec want to make sure that you are familiar with these signs.
Warning signs of mice in your home:
  • Finding their droppings (dark colored, pointed ends and about 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in length) along floors, in pantry areas, in cabinets, drawers, and behind or under appliances.
  • Noticing a musty smell in an area or areas of your home. The musty smell usually indicates a nesting area.  Mice will usually nest within 10 feet of available food sources.
  • Discovering chew marks on furniture, books, photos, clothing, walls, and other belongings.
  • Finding food packaging that has been chewed through and spilled food in kitchen and pantry areas.
  • Hearing scratching or running sounds behind walls or above ceilings; especially at night.
  • Seeing unexplained dark marks along baseboards and walls. Mice have excellent hearing but poor vision, so they will travel along walls and will leave behind dirt and grease marks overtime.
If any signs of a mouse in your home are noticed, you should immediately contact a pest control professional. Mice are prolific breeders so getting help fast is key to limiting their numbers and the damages and diseases that they can inflict onto your home and family.
At ChemTec, we offer superior rodent control services that are tailored for your home’s individual needs. We understand that not all mouse infestations or homes are the same.  One of our specially trained technicians will inspect your home and property and find and fix the areas around your home where the mice are entering.  We will place baits/and or traps in targeted areas, and then provide follow-up services to remove traps and re-bait them.
If you are noticing signs that may indicate a mouse problem in your home, contact the New Jersey mouse control experts today!