Do you ever wonder why mice squeak? The sound is faint and high-pitched, almost cute when you hear it. Mouse chatter is adorable, right? No. When mice squeak, you need to be alert. When you hear mice squeak, it is time to call your local pest control professionals right away. You definitely have a mouse problem on your hands.

All About Mice Squeaks

Mice are rodents. They are small little pests that can sneak into small places, eat your food, and spread diseases in your home. When you hear the pattering and scratching of little feet in the middle of the night, take notice.

Mice are also good communicators. That is why you hear the squeak so often. Mice use their squeak to speak with other mice, to reveal emotion, and to reward. It is their own little language. What you can’t hear are all the different pitches and tones of mouse chatter. Mice can make both ultrasonic and audible sounds. That is why those big ears on the tops of their heads come in handy. The more vocal the mouse, the worse the problem.

Squeaks are more frequent and elaborate during and after reproduction. A male mouse uses an intricate squeak pattern when he is courting and reproducing with a female. Once the babies are born, the babies squeak for their mother when she leaves them and when she returns. Female mice squeak most often when they are near other female mice.

So, why is this a problem? When you hear mice squeak, that means they are communicating with other mice nearby. If you hear them at night, the mice in your walls, attic, and basement are talking to the other mice in your home. So, that single mouse you think you have is likely just one of many mice in your home.

Why You Don’t Have Only One Mouse

It is hard to convince people that they have more than one mouse in their home. You do. Mice reproduce rapidly and they are excellent hiders. If mice have a sustainable food source, which they get from your floors, counters, cupboards and pantry, and a warm place to nest and hide, they will reproduce and thrive. This is a problem.

Mice may be small and their chatter may be cute to some, but they spread disease and illness. Mice scurry across the floor, which means all the bacteria, E.coli and salmonella on the floor ends up slathered across your home and on your food. They also leave droppings wherever they are. Mice poop is dangerous. If you try to sweep or wipe up mice feces, it releases a contaminant in the air that can cause illness and breathing issues in people with breathing and chronic respiratory illnesses.

What to do About Mice Squeaks

If you hear mice in your home, get them out and keep them out for good. Your health and the health of your family depends on it. You cannot control mice on your own because it is difficult to diagnose to what extent your mouse infestation is. If you do try to get rid of mice or clean up their feces on your own, you can make yourself and your family ill. Don’t take the chance. Call ChemTec Pest Control before your mice squeaks escalate and the mouse population gets out of control in your home.