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Blog Posts in the Category: "Rodents"

14 April

Why You Should Care – 5 Things You Should Know About Leptospirosis

1.) What is it? Leptospirosis commonly referred to as “Lepto”, is a bacterial infection that has recently affected and killed several dogs in the Northern New Jersey and New York area. Lepto comes from the urine of rodents, like rats and squirrels, and is spread through contact with the mouth, eyes, or an open wound. The [...]

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29 March

Rats are Playing Hero and Saving Lives. But How?

Rats may not be the cutest and cuddly rodents around, but they are very helpful, especially Giant African Pouch Rats. Headquartered in Belgium is the Anti-Personnel Landmine Detection Product Development (APOPO), a non-profit organization founded by Bart Weetjens nearly 2 decades ago that researches, develops, and deploys detection rat technology for humanitarian purposes. APOPO has [...]

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17 March

New Jersey Rodents

Mice are tiny, adorable, cute little fuzz balls, but when you find a wild one scampering along the wall of your kitchen, your wife screaming atop your kitchen table is the least of your problems. Wild mice can pose many threats to your home and family. These rodents bring disease and destruction to your home. [...]

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