Deck the halls with filthy rodents! Fa la la la la! Sang nobody. Ever. No one wants rodents hanging around, ruining the holidays. No one wants mice rummaging in the pantry, leaving their excrement everywhere they roam. No one wants rats lurking in wall voids or leaving mites, lice, ticks and fleas inside their home. And, the last thing anyone needs is a squirrel tearing up insulation in the attic and leaving their feces everywhere. Let be honest. Rodents and Christmas just don’t go together.

Not only does no one want rodents for Christmas, they don’t prefer to have them any other time of year. Rodents are known carriers of various diseases. They have teeth that never stop growing, which makes them need to chew on everything in sight. This not only damages your home and items in your home, it could destroy your entire home if a rodent decides to chew on an electrical wire.

Is there anything you can do to keep these pesky, party spoilers out of your home? You bet! Below are some hints for things that just might help you have a rodent-free holiday season this year.

Outside Actions

  • Keep your property maintained. Remove any areas of overgrown weeds or vegetation. Rodents love to hide in overgrowth.
  • Remove clutter. Rodents love clutter to hide in or underneath. Remove any unnecessary items such as toys, appliances, cinder blocks, and the like. If rodents have a big open space between your neighbor’s yard and your house, they are unlikely to venture near to your home.
  • Remove leaf piles and other yard waste. Also, take care of any fruits or vegetables from trees or gardens that will lure rodents in close to your house.
  • If you have bird feeders or birdbaths, consider moving them away from your home so as not to give those rodents a snack or a drink that will make them want to stick around.
  • Trim bushes or trees back away from your house. Rodents and other pests use these as bridges to reach your outer walls or roof areas.

Inside Actions

  • Declutter your home. Once inside, rodents need places to hide. Decluttering attic areas, crawl spaces, and storage areas will help deter rodents from sticking around.
  • Clean your home, especially areas where food is present. Thoroughly clean your kitchen and pantry areas, and store all food inside the refrigerator or freezer, or place it into tightly sealed containers. Rodents can easily chew through cardboard or thin plastic.

Outside or inside:
Contact ChemTec Pest Control, we can make sure your family has a holly, jolly, rodent-free holiday season. The holidays are just better without rodents. Let ChemTec help!