bed-bug-in-homeImagine the horror of discovering that your home is infested with bed bugs. Just a few of these little pests is bad enough, but the longer you wait to get rid of them the worse it will become.

Getting rid of bed bugs is a difficult task. Just one female can lay from 1-7 eggs each day if she has had a blood feast. In her lifetime, she can lay an average of 200 eggs. To put it in perspective, within 6 months just one female can cause a population of over 5,000 or more bed bugs. She just needs a host to feed on and mates to breed with. The eggs that she lays take about 6-17 days to hatch into nymphs. And those nymphs are capable of feeding as soon as they are hatched. Then it can take just 21 days of ideal warm temperatures for the nymphs to become mature enough to start breeding.

In recent year’s, bed bugs have had a tremendous population explosion. This increase allows bed bugs to be spread more rapidly from home to home and business to business. They readily climb on shoes, coats, clothing, bags, and other items so that they can relocate to your home. Once that happens you may be tempted to look up DIY methods to get rid of them. However, it’s not that easy. Over-the-counter pesticides are usually not effective and will make these pests retreat deeper into your home where they can’t be reached. Those same pesticides can be costly and harmful to humans and pets. The health risks and inconsistent results are not worth the time and money of DIY bed bug control.

You shouldn’t hesitate to call us at ChemTec Pest Control if you know or suspect you have bed bugs. We can eliminate all of the bed bugs at all of their stages; egg, nymph, and mature adult. You can rest assured they won’t be returning, causing annoying bites, or being spread to your family and friends.

Our ChemTec bed bug extermination process begins with a careful inspection by one of our professional technicians. Mattresses and box springs will be treated, and it is suggested that specific bed bug proof covers be placed on them. Most bed bug treatments require 3 visits to reach all of the bed bugs that have withdrawn into the deep cracks and crevices of your home. In New Jersey, give us a call today to find out more about our industry-leading bed bug services so you can enjoy a bed bug-free home with peace of mind.