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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "home pest control"

28 December

Preventing Winter Wildlife Threats from Invading Your Morris County Home

Many pests invade Morris County homes during the winter. One of the main reasons several warm-blooded pests break-in is because of the shelter and warmth that homes provide for them. Another reason these pests might invade is to find food; as the warmth outside retreats, so do many food sources that these creatures depend on. [...]

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14 December

Winter Pest Prevention Tips to Keep 2019 Pest Free

It’s that time of year again where people are rushing about in preparation for the holiday season. However, gathering food items, family members, and decorations is not the only thing that should be on your mind as we conclude this year and move on to the next. Some of the problems that come with the [...]

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27 November

Keeping Your New Jersey Home Free of Fall Nuisance Pests

It’s not too late, you can still avoid fall pests like box elder bugs, lady bugs, and stink bugs - from taking over your home this winter!Box elder bugs feed on a variety of trees and plants, including box elder trees, by siphoning their juices. Their overlapping wings form a red X on their back, [...]

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12 October

Fall Pest Prevention Tips for New Jersey Residents

It is common sense to say that fall pests come with fall weather, especially in northern regions such as New Jersey. While arming yourself with hot chocolate and warm sweaters in order to brave the cool, brisk air is important, it is also important to arm yourself with preventative tips to keep out the pests [...]

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10 October

Tips to Protect Your Home and Kitchen from Cockroaches This Fall

Whether you love to cook or not, it is far more economical and better for you to cook and bake at home rather than eat out every night or buy processed foods all of the time. Fall, in particular, is a time when many people tend to spend more time in the kitchen to use [...]

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29 August

How Pantry Pests Are Getting Inside Union County Homes

You’ve probably heard the joke, “What’s worse than finding a worm in your apple? Finding half a worm!” It’s funny to be sure, but what isn’t funny is actually finding pests in your food sources. There aren’t many things more unpleasant than discovering that the food you plan to eat, or worse, have already eaten, [...]

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