bed bug on a sheet

It is common sense to say that fall pests come with fall weather, especially in northern regions such as New Jersey. While arming yourself with hot chocolate and warm sweaters in order to brave the cool, brisk air is important, it is also important to arm yourself with preventative tips to keep out the pests that autumn brings.

Bed bugs, mice, rats, and boxelder bugs are all types of pests that invade homes as the weather cools, but there are several ways you can reduce the number of times these pests get in.

Bed Bugs

As common insects during the fall months, bed bugs invade homes by hitchhiking on bags, clothing, shoes, or even in your hair. Once inside, they will multiply rapidly and infest your home within just a few months. A few things you can do to prevent these tiny bloodsuckers from getting in include inspecting luggage and bags for bed bugs and their eggs after traveling and washing all infested items/clothing on a high heat setting.

Boxelder Bugs

These black and red insects tend to get into homes after flocking to the warmest exterior wall of your home and then finding cracks in windows, walls, or doors. Boxelder bugs are attracted to heat and tend to congregate in areas that produce warmth, often near heating vents or on your A/C unit. In order to keep boxelder bugs out, seal up any cracks in the exterior walls of your home, install door sweeps, or replace any torn window screens you may have. While boxelder bugs do not typically leave behind any damage, they can stain light-colored walls and furniture with their excretions.

Rats and Mice

Both of these rodents invade homes when outside temperatures drop below a comfortable level and food becomes scarce. Mice and rats are capable of causing power outages when they chew through electrical wiring within your home, and can also bring diseases and parasites with them. To prevent these rodents from invading, it is recommended that you clean up food and drink spills right away, never leave food or crumbs on the floor, repair cracks and gaps in your foundation, and seal up any small holes on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Following prevention tips on your own is a good place to start, but if fall pests have already invaded, it may be too late to handle things by yourself. That’s why it is crucial to contact a professional right away if you notice or even suspect you have a pest problem. Here at ChemTec Pest Control, we tackle all the pest problems faced by New Jersey residents—whether they are rodents, insects, or anything in between. ChemTec understands that different seasons means different pests. That’s why we offer our Pest Guard Home Protection Plan. With Pest Guard, we keep your home pest-free all year long with careful inspections, preventative measures, and even a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our services. ChemTec keeps clients safe from pests throughout the year, learn how we can help protect your home today.