bed-bug-in-essex-county-homeBed bugs are hardy pests that can plague your home during any part of the year. They can withstand extremely high and low temperatures and can be transported almost anywhere at any time. Bed bugs can also survive without a blood feast for many months at a time.

Infestations of bed bugs are increasing every year, and they often show a slight uptick in activity when travel is more common, as it is during the summer months and holiday season. As we head closer and closer to warmer weather, bed bug activity and infestations are bound to increase. It is very important that you take steps now to avoid these pests later.  

Take Steps to Prevent Bed Bugs

Gaining control of bed bugs is no easy feat. However, taking preventative measures have proven to be helpful:

  • Do research on overnight sleeping accommodations before booking to be sure that they have not been cited for bed bugs recently.
  • Travel with all of your clothing in air-tight bags inside your suitcase.
  • Inspect your room before you settle in with all of your belongings.
  • Keep your luggage and clothing off of the bed and floor.
  • Store your dirty laundry in an air-tight bag until it can be laundered.
  • Be cautious when using public transportation or visiting public places by examining seats before getting comfortable.
  • Always check your clothing, shoes, and coats for any hitchhiking bed bugs as soon as you get home.
  • Wash all of your belongings in hot water immediately, and thoroughly clean and vacuum out your luggage.

Bed bugs don’t just infest hotels, motels, and inns. They infest dorm rooms, apartments, homes, schools, hospitals, theaters, libraries, buses, taxis, airplanes, and any other public area. Being cautious while visiting any of these areas can help minimize your risk of infestation.

Why DIY Methods are Ineffective

The above tips can help you prevent a possible bed bug infestation, but they certainly do not offer any guarantees. When it comes to getting rid of bed bugs you may be tempted to try some DIY methods to get rid of them yourself. In that case, you may be in for a surprise, as bed bugs are difficult to locate and eliminate entirely.

Sprays may only cause them to hide a little deeper within cracks or crevices and return to haunt you again later with their nightly visits. You could even cause damage to your property or create health risks for your family with the chemicals these methods require.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs for Good

In the event bed bugs appear in your own Essex home, you should contact the professionals at ChemTec Pest Control for assistance. Don’t waste your time and money on DIY methods that can be time-consuming, messy, and sometimes dangerous. Count on our knowledgeable technicians who can get rid of your bed bug infestation efficiently and effectively.

We confidently provide quality pest control services in Essex County as a whole, as well as in Livingston, Glen Ridge, Montclair, Caldwell, Essex Fells, and Roseland. Call us at ChemTec Pest Control for more information about bed bug services.