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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "residential pest control"

20 December

Why Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Essex County Home is So Important

Cockroaches carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, making us very sick. While there are other dangers with cockroaches, maintaining our health by keeping them out is paramount. In the winter, and particularly around the holidays, cockroaches can be a problem in Essex County homes. It’s important to take preventative steps and to consider [...]

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21 September

Avoiding Carpenter Ant Damage for Union County Homes

Carpenter ant damage can be destructive and can go on for a long period of time before Union County homeowners become aware. As fall approaches, homeowners might think that the threat of carpenter ants diminishes, but that is not the case. While carpenter ants mate in the early spring and look for places for new [...]

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06 October

Warm Weather Exacerbates New Jersey Mosquito Problem

If the weathermen are right, the storm clouds should roll offshore this weekend and a nice spell of Indian Summer warmth should banish recent frosty temperatures. Ever since Hurricane Irene skipped up the East Coast, northern New Jersey has been battered by rainy weather as one tropical storm after another has flung nasty weather systems [...]

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25 August

Cluster Flies Seek Winter Refuge in New Jersey Homes

Looking like overgrown house flies, cluster flies are often mistaken for their slightly smaller cousins. Dull gray with black markings, cluster flies have golden hairs on their thorax which can give them a slightly golden sheen. As summer ends, adult cluster flies increase in number as the final brood of the summer reaches maturity. Toward [...]

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13 August

How to Get Rid of New Jersey Stink Bugs

Stink bug populations have reached record numbers in northern New Jersey. Hundreds of brown marmorated stink bugs are being captured in counting traps monitored by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Where a single night’s capture might have resulted in 30 stink bugs last year, NJ entomologists are finding 200 to 400 of the crop-eating [...]

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