Cockroaches are creepy, crawly insects pests that absolutely no one wants to have to deal with in their Morris County home, no matter the season. Unfortunately for us, while cockroaches do peak in the summer months, they are still a year-round pest. Cockroaches have a strong tenacity for getting into homes, and this makes them incredibly hard to keep out. During the winter, cockroaches are searching for warmth, food, darkness, and moisture. Often, there are several areas within our Chatham and Madison homes that meet and exceed these needs for cockroaches looking to avoid the winter chill.

How Cockroaches Get Inside

Cockroaches get into homes in a number of ways, whether it be by their own scuttling about or our lack of attention. Being aware of where and how cockroaches may invade is a great way to be alert and help prevent them from getting inside in the first place.

Common ways cockroaches enter Morris County homes include:

  • Gaps in your foundation.
  • Damaged window or door screens.
  • Doors without door sweeps.
  • Stored boxes that we bring inside (whether it be a box ordered online, those from the grocery store, etc.).
  • Holes made for utilities like piping and wires.
  • Through windows that are not properly installed.

Keeping cockroaches out of your Morris County home, whether you live in Madison or Chatham, can be quite a difficult task to accomplish on your own, as there is absolutely no way to tell how many cockroaches there are in your home, or where they are hiding for that matter. So even if you get rid of a few, there are probably many more where they came from.

Get Professional Help

Contacting the professional experts from ChemTec Pest Control is your best option when it comes to effectively eliminating each and every cockroach and pest problem that you are dealing with this winter. Getting rid of cockroaches is easy when our experts implement our comprehensive pest management methods of elimination and removal.


Don’t wait another day and risk cockroaches further infesting your home. Contact ChemTec Pest Control to schedule your free inspection, or to find more information on all our pest protection options.