cockroach in new jersey home

Cockroaches carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, making us very sick. While there are other dangers with cockroaches, maintaining our health by keeping them out is paramount. In the winter, and particularly around the holidays, cockroaches can be a problem in Essex County homes. It’s important to take preventative steps and to consider professional roach control to keep your Livingston home cockroach free this winter.

Why Cockroaches are a Problem in Winter

Cockroaches were originally tropical pests. While they’ve adapted to all sorts of climates, they still enjoy moisture-filled humid environments. In the winter, your toasty warm house makes a great environment for them to call home.

As the ground freezes and gets covered with snow in your Glen Ridge neighborhood, finding food becomes harder for cockroaches. Your drains, garbage disposal, trash, and pantry all become excellent sources of food for the winter.

Why Cockroach Problems Increase Around the Holidays

In addition to the reasons cockroaches become a problem indoors in the winter, the holidays add a compound effect to their increased presence. With people in and out of your house, and you visiting other homes, it’s possible for cockroaches to travel in on various belongings.

Also, the increased amount of food and food waste produced around holiday meals makes an attractive food source for cockroaches. They can also stow away in popular holiday food containers such as crates of oranges or baking supplies to be brought into your Montclair home under cover.

Prevention Steps for Cockroaches

There are several things you can do this holiday season to reduce the risk of being infested with cockroaches. Inspect your packages, produce, and bags and boxes, especially after shopping at big box or warehouse type stores or ordering online. Have a place for guests to hang bags and coats in a garage or mudroom to contain any unwanted critters. Hang your coats and bags on hooks rather than placing them on the floor.

Around your home, remove trash frequently. Clean up spills from baking and put away holiday dinner leftovers promptly. Seal up cracks or holes around your home, including the installation of door sweeps and caulking around pipes and windows. Keep outdoor compost piles away from your home and outdoor trash receptacles covered. Clean your drains and garbage disposal on a regular basis.

Seek Professional Help for your Essex County Home

Cockroaches are difficult pests to trap or kill on your own, they are excellent at scurrying away and hiding. The professionals at ChemTec Pest Control are trained in cockroach elimination. We make sure that once we get rid of your cockroach problem a re-infestation will not happen. Our year-round pest control solutions are top notch and will keep your Essex County New Jersey home cockroach free this holiday season.