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cockroach on cutting board

28 February

How Winter Cockroaches Could Be Getting Inside Your Morris County Home

Cockroaches are creepy, crawly insects pests that absolutely no one wants to have to deal with in their Morris County home, no matter the season. Unfortunately for us, while cockroaches do peak in the summer months, they are still a year-round pest.

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moth in flour

27 February

Dangers of Pantry Pests Inside Union County Homes

A universal truth about humans, we all value the quality of our food. Pantry pests threaten that quality. When we go to the store and pick up a bag of rice, we are not hoping to find any hidden extra ingredients. We want what the package states…

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cockroach in new jersey home

20 December

Why Keeping Cockroaches Out of Your Essex County Home is So Important

Cockroaches carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans, making us very sick. While there are other dangers with cockroaches, maintaining our health by keeping them out is paramount.

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entomologist looking at a slide under a microscope

30 November

Dangerous Tick Species Comes to New Jersey This Fall

In the Northeast, particularly in the New Jersey area, we’ve been conditioned over the last several years to be diligent about being aware of deer ticks as they are known carriers of Lyme disease. Just when we are starting to understand the…

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mouse on a leaf

16 November

Why Rodent Problems in Morris County Should Be Left to Professionals

No one likes the idea of rodents getting into their Morris County home, but for too many people in the area, it becomes an unpleasant reality that they have to deal with.

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carpenter ant on a piece of tree bark

31 October

Why Carpenter Ants Are Still Eating into Homes in Morris County

Carpenter ants are far different than other types of nuisance ants in that they can cause considerable damage to Morris County homes. While some ants may start to die off with the cooler months of fall approaching, carpenter ants are the exception.

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