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01 May

Damp, Dark Basements Could Attract Cave Crickets in NJ

Cave crickets are not your average cricket. They hide out in damp dark areas, don’t have wings and don’t make that friendly chirping sound. They are relatively large for a cricket, with a body of one and a half inches long and long legs on top of that. These crickets are brown in color with [...]

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09 November

New Jersey’s Cave Cricket Explosion

Have Cave Crickets Found Their Way Onto Your NJ Property?Cave Cricket Identification:Also known as camel cricketsLarge, jumping hind legsUsually 1 inch in lengthPale brown to black in colorLong antennaeAppear to be jumping spidersIf you have spotted what appears to be crazy, jumping spiders, you are not alone. But what people are mistaking for spiders are [...]

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