Cave crickets are not your average cricket. They hide out in damp dark areas, don’t have wings and don’t make that friendly chirping sound. They are relatively large for a cricket, with a body of one and a half inches long and long legs on top of that. These crickets are brown in color with striped legs. They have long antenna to help find their way in the dark. They like to crawl around and hide in dark areas. If frightened they use their powerful legs to help jump away from danger. They have no other defenses and are relatively harmless to humans, but they surely can cause quite a scare if you stumble upon one in the dark.

Cave crickets are commonly found in damp piles of leaves, stacks of fire wood, rotting logs and in caves. They make their way into your basement if it is damp and dark. Dependent on moisture for survival, they are truly just looking for a safe place to hide out and eat.

Cave crickets eat plants, fungus and decaying matter. When in your home they may eat paper and fabric. They will do all that they can avoiding death by starvation all the way to the extreme of eating their own legs! Lucky for them, if they are young enough, they may be able to grow their legs back.

The best way to prevent these pests from entering your home is to seal the exterior of your home. Make sure that any cracks in your windows, doors, piping, venting and foundation are sealed tight. Keep your basement as dry as possible, because any amount of moisture will attract cave crickets and other pests to your basement.

Cave crickets are just a yucky nuisance pest. It’s a bit creepy to find them crawling around the walls of your basement. If they have made their way into your basement, than the best way to ‘un-invite’ them is to contact the professionals here at ChemTec Pest Control. We will safely and quickly remove them and assist you in preventing future infestations.