Have Cave Crickets Found Their Way Onto Your NJ Property?

Cave Cricket Identification:

  • Also known as camel crickets
  • Large, jumping hind legs
  • Usually 1 inch in length
  • Pale brown to black in color
  • Long antennae
  • Appear to be jumping spiders

If you have spotted what appears to be crazy, jumping spiders, you are not alone. But what people are mistaking for spiders are actually a species of cricket called cave crickets (also known as camel crickets). They are not as commonly seen outside of caves (hence the name), but there are some areas that cave crickets deem satisfactory to live, and unfortunately some of those spots are in or around our homes.

Cave Cricket Prevention

To keep cave crickets away from your home and property:

  • Seal off openings to your home
  • Keep firewood off the ground and dry
  • Remove piles of damp leaves
  • Remove excess moisture from the inside of your home, especially basements

If your home or property in New Jersey including Bergen County and Passaic County is experiencing an infestation of cave crickets, please contact the NJ exterminators at ChemTec Pest Solutions.