Winter is most definitely upon us and while most of us hunker down inside our warm and cozy homes, NJ pests are frantically looking for a nice warm shelter for the winter. Pests like silverfish, cave crickets, mice, raccoons and spiders in NJ cannot happily survive out in the cold without appropriate shelter, which is why they look to get into our homes and garages to find protection from the cold.

Pests that are looking to get into your home during the winter need a few things. These include:

  • A place to get inside. Depending on the size of the pest, the entry point is different. Pests like raccoons may need a large hole in the exterior of your home, or they may only initially need a small hole that they will make larger on their own. Rodents like mice need only a hole the diameter of a dime while rats need a gap the diameter of a quarter. Insects need only tiny little crevices in the exterior to get into your home.
  • Access to food and water inside your home. Pests like spiders are looking for their insect prey inside your home while rodents and wildlife will be looking for food in your cupboards, on your counters or in storage boxes. You may even find them rummaging through your trash for something to eat.
  • A safe place to hide inside your home. If you have piles of clutter or storage areas with easy access, pests will look to hide in these places. They may also hide in attics, basements and underneath porches.

If pests have access to any of these things within your home, they will happily thrive. If you are harboring pests inside your NJ home this winter, you can begin by eliminating the conditions that may have invited these pests inside in the first place. If all possible entry points, food sources and areas of shelter are eliminated and you are still having pest problems, contact the New Jersey pest control pros at ChemTec Pest Control. We provide pest control for many different pests, including insects, wildlife, rodents and even poisonous spiders in NJ. Give us a call today to learn more about our pest control services and to see why so many New Jersey home and business owners choose ChemTec for their pest control services and treatments.