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ChemTec's Blog Posts with the Tag: "Bed Bug Eradication"

11 October

How to Get Rid of NJ Bed Bugs Safely

Bed bugs may not be getting the SHOCK and FEAR headlines their presence engendered last year, but these blood-feeding insects aren’t going away. Cumberland, Maryland; Fort Smith, Arkansas; Flagstaff, Arizona; Columbus, Ohio and Stockton, California are just a few of the towns where new bed bug infestations have occurred in the past week. NJ pest [...]

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23 August

How to Protect Your NJ Family from Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are already being reported on college campuses as students return for a new year of classes. Over the past year, bed bug infestations at primary and secondary schools have increased 300%. Like head lice, bed bugs are becoming a perennial fall problem for school children and their families.NJ bed bug experts recommend [...]

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06 August

How to Keep Your NJ Collegiate Bed Bug Free

New Jersey college students are preparing to head back to campus in the next few weeks. Shopping lists in hand, incoming freshmen and their parents are stocking up on extra-long twin sheets, shower caddies, school supplies, study snacks and all the things needed to keep college students happy and healthy for a year away from [...]

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23 July

Tips for Choosing New Jersey Pest Control Company

When bugs are bugging you, if you’re like most people, you’re focused on how fast a NJ exterminator can get to your home and eliminate the problem. However, hiring a New Jersey pest control firm without doing your due diligence can wind up wasting your money and making your pest problem worse. While fast action [...]

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