Many New Jersey families plan their summer vacations around a visit to relatives that live in distant states or may host relatives. Sometimes children are bundled into sleeping bags to free up bed space for a visiting relative, but often families rent rollaway beds or cots for their guests so that everyone can sleep comfortably. Grandparents hosting young grandchildren may rent a crib for the baby or toddler to provide a safe place for the child to nap and sleep. Highchair rentals are also popular when young children come to visit.

Renting furniture when you only need it for a short time is a popular solution for housing summer guests, but NJ pest control companies are warning people to be on the lookout for NJ bed bugs if they rent furniture this summer. College students planning to rent furniture when they move into off-campus apartments should also take precautions against bed bugs, say New Jersey pest control professionals. If you’re not careful, you could wind up in the same boat as three Dayton, Ohio roommates who last week sued a furniture rental company after furniture they rented was found to be infested with bed bugs.

Rental furniture is particularly susceptible to bed bug infestation. If placed in a bed bug-infested apartment, bed bugs can hide in the furniture. Eventually, the furniture will be transported back to the rental center and rented to a new customer, spreading the bed bug infestation.

NJ pest control pros recommend carefully inspecting any rented furniture for signs of bed bugs before allowing it into your home. NJ residents who rent furniture should consider purchasing mattress encasements for their beds before rental furniture arrives. You can further protect your home by scheduling ChemTec’s NJ bed bug monitoring service or preventative bed bug treatment.