Bed bug infestations are already being reported on college campuses as students return for a new year of classes. Over the past year, bed bug infestations at primary and secondary schools have increased 300%. Like head lice, bed bugs are becoming a perennial fall problem for school children and their families.

NJ bed bug experts recommend education and prevention as the best ways to protect your family from bed bugs. Visit the ChemTec website for information and photos to learn how to identify bed bugs and signs of bed bug infestation. Know how to inspect a dorm room or hotel room for bed bugs. Stay alert for reports of bed bugs in your community and at your child’s college campus. Avoid places where bed bugs have been reported until extermination has been successfully completed by a licensed NJ pest control company. Keep an eye out for bed bug signs on children’s backpacks, sleeping bags after sleepovers or scout camping trips, suitcases and laundry brought home by visiting college students, etc.

You can make a preemptive strike against possible NJ bed bug infestation by installing Protect-A-Bed bed bug-proof mattress covers and box springs encasements, available from ChemTec Pest Control . Comfortable for humans, but death to bed bugs, these mattress covers are specially engineered to keep bed bugs from contaminating your bed if they invade.

If at any time during the year you are concerned that your college student or a visitor may have brought bed bugs into your home, ChemTec offers bed bug monitoring services and preventative treatments that can put your mind at rest and, if bed bugs are discovered, nip bed bug infestations in the bud before they spread through your home. Call ChemTec today for more information about our bed bug services.