As chilly fall temperatures overwhelm the final days of Indian summer, New Jersey residents aren’t the only ones spending more time indoors. Insects and rodents start moving indoors in the fall, seeking shelter inside your toasty home. Mice, stink bugs, cluster flies, spiders, pillbugs, millipedes, centipedes, silverfish, house crickets and cockroaches are just a few of the insect and animal pests that invade New Jersey homes in the fall, NJ pest control companies warn. Many of these pests may also may be present during the spring and summer months, but people are more apt to notice them inside their homes during the fall and winter.

Year-round GreenTec Home Pest Protection keeps insect and animal pests from threatening your home and family. Fall and winter GreenTec Home Pest Protection treatments focus on keeping out fall invaders and eliminating overwintering pests.

ChemTec’s fall GreenTec Home Pest Protection treatment includes a comprehensive inspection of your home and property to identify and treat areas that promote pest activity and eliminate possible entry points into your home. Our licensed pest control technicians also seal and caulk visible rodent entry points to keep mice and rats and the diseases and parasites they carry out of your New Jersey home.

ChemTec’s winter GreenTec Home Pest Protection treatment moves pest control activities indoors to keep your home and family safe from insects and rodents. Mice and rat prevention and control get top billing during winter inspections. Mice breed at an alarming rate and breed year round. An undetected mouse problem can turn into a major infestation by spring. A winter inspection by NJ pest control professionals ensures that rodent activity is discovered early and eliminated promptly. ChemTec’s winter GreenTec Home Pest Protection treatment also includes a termite inspection and removal of spider populations, particularly in basements.

Visit the ChemTec Pest Control website for complete information about our year-round GreenTec Home Pest Protection plan and keep your family safe from insect and animal invaders.

This blog post has been updated to reflect the most up to date pest and pest control program information available from ChemTec Pest Control.