Winter time is just around the corner. Some places already have snow piling up outside. Common outdoor insects and rodents are starting to seek shelter for the long winter months. This can be a burrow, a tree, a cave or your home. When their survival instinct kicked into gear they are looking for three simple things: a warm shelter, food and water. Your home will easily meet those criteria for them. The only question is, will you make it easy for them hunker down with you for the winter months or will you seal up your home and place a sign on your door saying keep moving?

Some common winter pests you might find knocking on your door are mice, rats, squirrels and other wildlife. These pests sneak in unnoticed through little cracks, holes or gaps they find around the exterior of your home. Once inside, they will find a place to hide out and start looking for easy access to food and water. No one wants these pests hiding out all winter long. Before you know it, they will be reproducing quickly and you will have a full infestation within the walls, basement or attic of your home. These rodents are not only annoying, they also bring things like bacteria, diseases, lice, ticks and fleas into your home. They can contaminate your food and water. They also cause damage to the interior of your walls. They can chew on wires and insulation, causing a fire hazard.

Keep your family safe by keeping these pests out of your home with these six simple tips:

  1. Seal Up Your Home: Sealing up any cracks, holes or gaps on the exterior of your home will help send these rodents to the next home. These entrances can be around windows, doors, vents and piping.
  2. Seal Up Your Food: Make sure that all food (human’s or pet’s) is in an air tight sealed container. This will prevent them from finding easy access to food.
  3. Fix Any Leaks: Make sure that any leaky pipes and drains are fixed before winter. This will stop pests from finding easy access to water.
  4. Landscaping: Make sure that all shrubs, bushes and trees are trimmed back from the exterior of your home. This will keep pests like squirrels from having an easy bridge into your home.
  5. Firewood: Store your firewood away from your home. This may seem inconvenient in the winter months. But it will keep pests from hiding out there while they scope out your home for a long term shelter.
  6. Professional Help: Consult a professional exterminator for help inspecting your property for winter pest prevention tips.

These tips should help you keep the pests out and the warmth in. Enjoy winter for all of its wonderful beauty and leave the pests in their natural habitat.