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Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Our team is passionate about Pest Control. ChemTec Pest Control has been providing pest protection and resolving pest issues to homes, businesses and industry in the New York and New Jersey region since 1931. In the more than 80 years since we have been resolving issues, there has been a revolution in the field of pest control; not only in the technology, but in the attitudes and approaches toward achieving pest eradication and the management of pests, and ChemTec has been in the forefront of these advances, testing new techniques and looking for new technologies all in our effort to strive for excellence in all we do.

What is your company’s mission?

Our goal is to provide our customers with the reassurance that once they give us a call, they can relax because their issue will be handled quickly with effective, efficient and thoughtful resolutions. No two situations or customer concerns alike, so our service visits are customized to each customer’s personal needs.

Please explain the issue of bat infestation in homes.

The little brown bat and big brown bat species are common to the New Jersey and New York area. These small, nocturnal animals have 2-inch long gray to brown furred bodies with large, leathery wings. They use a sonar-like sound to navigate in the dark and you may hear their high-pitched squeals as they fly past. While many people assume that bats live in caves, local bats often roost in trees and favor human made shelters that provide a warm, dark space such as attics and eaves. Prodigious insect eaters, you will find bats where there are high insect populations and are often seen feeding on insects attracted to outdoor lights.

What are common ways bats get into houses?

Bats enter structures through various structure deficiencies usually toward the top or roofline area, these could include gaps and spaces around gutter lines, pipe chases and utility lines, and open or damaged attic vents and chimneys.

What are the dangers of bats inside your home? (e.g. rabies, ruining attic spaces, etc.)

The main concern is damage and contamination from the droppings. Bat droppings are very acidic and over time, the droppings from a large bat colony will pile up and cause extreme odors and staining on floors, sheetrock, and insulation. The dropping can also attract insects and are a breeding ground for many fungi and viruses. The threat from rabies is valid, but not as common as one thinks. Rabies is a transmittable virus and can only be inflicted by a bite or handling infected animals. Bats also can carry various mites and the habitats can harbor batbugs (similar to bedbugs that feed on bats).

What is the process of removing bats from homes.

Bats are a protected species under the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered Species Program as well as other state and federal programs. Bats should not be physically removed or harmed, they must be excluded. Various means of one-way tunnels and netting are used to allow the bats to leave the structure and not allow them to reenter. After it is determined all the bats are gone, the access point must be sealed to prevent future infestations.

How can someone take precautions to avoid a bat infestation?

A thorough inspection of the structure is key. Any openings or access points should be sealed to prevent any pest entry.

Are bats attracted to anything particular inside a house?

No, they are only looking for a safe place to harbor during the day. An attic provides the same shelter as a cave or hollow tree.

Once a bat is discovered, what is the first thing the homeowner should do?

They should contact someone immediately, and do not touch the bat. If the bat is inside, keep an eye on where it goes and avoid the area until a professional arrives. If bats are seen flying into and out of a structure in the evening, note the area to be directed to a professional.

What is the best way to contact you and your company?

ChemTec Pest Control’s customer service is answered 24-hours a day: 888-243-6832 (888-CHEMTEC), through our website: ChemTec Pest Control or by email: wecare@chemtecpest.com.