Why does it always seem that the holidays are so far away until all of a sudden, they are upon us like no time has ever passed? Every year we think we can get ahead of it, but the same thing happens. Then, when it does come, it is such a busy time that it goes by too quickly. Whether you are staying home this holiday season, having guests, going out, or traveling to visit family and friends, take time to savor the joy this season brings. There will be so much to do – planning magnificent dinner menus, making sleeping arrangements, booking airfare, car rentals, hotels and much more.

So this is a good time to think about bed bugs, right? YES! You really need to be on the lookout for bed bugs while you are entertaining guests or traveling. Knowing what they look like and where they like to live and travel will help you identify these pests.

Bed bugs are oval and flat, similar in size and shape to an apple seed. The adults are visible, but nymphs and eggs are hard to see since they are so tiny. They are considered parasitic because they feed on the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs can be found all over the world, with no preference to sanitary conditions. Their choice of living quarters encompass locations such as: cruise ships, buses, trains, dorms, apartments, hotels, stores, hospitals, shelters, and more. They can obviously be found in beds, but they hide during the day in cracks, crevices, and seams in mattresses; in electronics like computers, stereos, and television sets; in electrical outlets; behind picture frames; behind baseboards; in furniture; and any other place they can squeeze their little bodies into.

You should know that bed bugs are not dangerous and are not known to spread diseases. However, their bite can cause itching that can prevent sleep or cause an infection from the scratching.

One of the signs of an infestation may be bite marks on your body, specifically on your hands, feet, and face; or you may actually see the bed bugs or their shells. There may also be a rust color from their feces on your bedding, and they can leave a musty sweet smell when they are present.

Remember, if you are staying home and entertaining for the holidays, guests could bring these pests into your home. Also, if you stayed at a location that had bed bugs, you could be bringing these pests into your own home. As a special note: If you notice an infestation in a hotel, you should ask for another room immediately.

If you think you or your guests have brought bed bugs into your home, you should contact ChemTec Pest Control. We are a family owned pest control company with more than 8 decades of experience in local pest pressures. We can discreetly treat the rooms of your house and work with you to prevent future infestations. Our bed bug control options are effective at getting rid of these pests quickly and safely. We service the New Jersey and New York areas.

Remember to enjoy the holiday season and leave your pest control needs to ChemTec.