So you have mice. You’ve seen the evidence: little brown pellets in the back of your silverware drawer, tiny footprints in the flour that spilled on the counter, and grease marks along your baseboards. And, of course, the scratching and chewing noises you keep hearing inside your walls as you desperately try to fall asleep. The following is a list of some things that others have tried to get rid of mice that do not work, and one thing that DOES work.

Worst 5 Do-It-Yourself Mouse Elimination Tips:

  1. Mouse traps: Now, if you have one mouse and you use a mouse trap, you might actually catch that mouse and be okay for awhile. But if you had one mouse, there is a good chance more mice are already living inside your walls. Mice multiply quickly and unless you know exactly where to place traps, how many traps to use, and what to bait them with, you will likely find yourself in a never-ending battle with mice.
  2. Get a bunch of cats: While this might help to reduce the number of mice in your home, it rarely works to completely eliminate mice. Mice are a lot smaller than cats and they can hide easily in places cats can’t get to, like wall voids. They can also get to food sources where cats can’t go, such as underneath stoves and refrigerators. Not to mention that cats can be expensive to maintain, especially if you have a bunch of them.
  3. Use an electronic pest repeller. These work by emitting a sound that is so high that humans, and most animals, cannot hear it. But mice can, and so can rats, birds, insects and pet gerbils. This may work for awhile. But if there is any food to be found, mice will simply learn to ignore the sound and come right back time and time again, invading your kitchen with their filthy, bacteria-laden feet.
  4. Mix cement and chocolate. If you mix chocolate and cement in powder form, and sprinkle it around everywhere, the smell of chocolate will attract the mice. If they eat the chocolate, which has cement powder on it, it will kill them. There are a few problems with this. First, it won’t get rid of all the mice in your home. Second, it could result in a rather difficult cleanup chore if something liquid gets spilled on it. And third, it could harm your pets or young children.
  5. The fifth, and worst way, to get rid of mice in your home is–drum roll please–shooting them. Even if you had a good BB gun and the patience to sit and wait all day for a mouse to appear, you would never be able to kill all the mice hiding out in your walls. Mice are extremely quick, and small, both qualities that would make them an extremely difficult target. Not only is this tactic ineffective, a reflecting BB could hurt someone, and a direct hit from a BB could damage household belongings. We don’t recommend this method. Ever.

One GOOD tip for getting rid of mice:

If you have had enough of mice in your New Jersey home, give the pest experts at ChemTec a call, or reach out to us here on our website. Our rodent control specialists will locate and remove all mice, and their nesting areas, from your home, and allow you to rest peacefully once again. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on mouse removal that doesn’t work. Get complete results today, with ChemTec.