It’s vacation time. Time to pack your bags and leave your troubles behind! But if you don’t take a few precautions before you leave, you could return to find that insects moved in while you were out.

A hot, empty house is an incubator for New Jersey insects. An unseen flea egg on your dog’s bedding could explode into a major infestation by the time you return home. A couple of bed bugs rolled up in your child’s sleeping bag during a stay at summer camp could be multiplying. Ants, cockroaches or mice could be foraging in your kitchen, contaminating surfaces and food.

When there’s no one home to notice pest activity and quickly call a New Jersey pest control company, pests can gain access to your home and quickly get the upper hand. There’s no faster way to lose that relaxed vacation feeling than returning home to find your New Jersey house infested with pests. To prevent pests from getting in while you’re out, follow these steps to protect your home:

  • Check faucets and pipes both inside and outdoors for leaks. Damp foundations and structural wood are major insect attractants.
  • Clean up yard debris and move firewood away from your house. Wood piles are favorite hiding places for insects and rodents.
  • Patch holes in window and door screens to keep insects out.
  • Seal gaps in window and door frames and secure attic and crawl space access.
  • Empty all trash cans to outside receptacles and clean out recycling tubs.
  • Wash and dry pet bedding on hot cycles to kill fleas and ticks.
  • Before you leave, schedule a post-vacation inspection with a New Jersey pest control expert to nip any insect problems in the bud.