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Rats are disease and virus spreading rodents that can make life miserable.

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large black norway rat

The two most common rats in New jersey are the Norway Rat and the Roof Rat. Keeping rats out is the number one priority for rat prevention and control.

Bites or Stings

Contaminates Food

Damages Structures

Difficult to Eradicate

Hazard to Health

Spreads Illness

Structure Invading

Rats are a year round concern in New Jersey and precautions should always be in place to prevent them from coming indoors.

Rat Identification

Rats are a type of rodent, which means that their front two incisors continuously grow.  In order to prevent overgrowth rats and other rodents constantly chew on items.  This is bad news for the structure of your home and the belongings inside of it.  Rats often enter into homes in the fall as they search for a place to nest and overwinter in that is close to food and water sources.

Norway Rat

Norway rats are very common urban pests.  They are brown in color with scattered black hairs running throughout their shaggy coat and they have a grayish-white underbelly.  Adults range in size from 7-9 ½ inches, not including their short and thick tail, which is shorter than their body.  They have small eyes and ears, and a short blunt nose.  Norway rats are poor climbers due to their long and heavy body and are found invading the basements and ground floors of homes and other buildings.

Roof rat

Roof rats, also known as black rats or ship rats, are blackish brown in color and have a smooth coat.  Their underside is gray, white, or black.  Adults range in size from 6-8 inches, not including their long and scaly tail, and their nose is long and pointed.  Their body is smaller and thinner than the Norway rat.   Roof rats are great climbers and because of their climbing skills are also sometimes found in trees and in the attics of homes and other buildings.

Dangers Associated With Rats

Rats are carriers of disease and can pose a hazard if they are present in your home or business. Their constant need to chew can pose a serious fire hazard if they chew on electrical wires. 

Rat Prevention

Along with damaging your home and personal belongings with their constant chewing; rats should be eliminated from your home because they carry and spread a variety of bacteria and diseases that are dangerous for people.  Diseases they spread include: Lymphocytic choriomeningitis, Salmonellosis, rat bite fever, plague, dysentery, and Leptospirosis.  They will also contaminate your food, food prep areas, utensils, and plates with their urine and feces; and introduce other parasites like fleas and mites into your home.

Rat prevention tips:

Rat Treatment

Getting rid of and controlling rats in your home should be done by a professional.  Pest professionals will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to find and eliminate them as quickly and safely as possible.  At ChemTec Pest Control we can eliminate a rat infestation from your home through our very effect and humane rat control services.

If rats have become a problem in and around your home contact the rat control experts at ChemTec Pest Control today!

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